Vaping Stories This week we want to hear from you! We quite often hear some amazing stories from our wonderful customers about how vaping has helped them. One of our lovely customers has written us the most amazing testimonial about her vaping experience. So in the spirit of sharing I will share with you my story, in November 2016 my partner took a farming job in northland on a smoke free farm. So we made the decision to switch, not that I really wanted to quit but I did want to support my partner. I got my Ijust 2 starter kit and some 6mg Granny Smith juice and started vaping. The first month was the hardest I slipped up a few times, but by the end of that month I was smoke free for the first time in six years. I used to get a chest infection every winter and the common cold used to take almost a month to get over, now I seldom get sick and when I do I’m better in a matter of days. I don’t know if I’ll stop vaping, I enjoy it and it has opened many opportunities (my wonderful job) and a I have made a lot of friends through the vaping community, but I’m definitely glad we made the jump to vaping. That’s my story, but this is the wonderful testimonial from one of our customers, “I am a 65 year old woman who has been smoking from the age of 15, averaging a pack a day. Over the years have maintained good health and like most of us thought I was infallible. In November 2017 I began to get health issues with shortness of breath and increasing infections. So I thought it is time to do something about smoking. I purchased a Vape and got some cessation aids and decided to take my smoking down. I managed to halve my cigarette intake but alas that was not enough. I got another infection and ended up with a hospital stay of 6 days. In hospital I could not smoke so thought this is the time to try to rid myself of these cigarettes. When I got out of hospital those triggers return but the feeling of not being able to breathe has been stronger. I have been vaping since then and of today I am 21 days smoke free [This fantastic lady is now 8 months smoke free]. Vaping has been the best thing and has got me through. We have choices to make but vaping also gives us choices in type of Vape, e-liquid strength and flavour. The staff are wonderful in helping you to get the right mix for you! The options here is you can reduce nicotine strength in your own time. I am so grateful that vaping is available as I now feel so much better in myself, no smelling of smoke and sitting out in cold etc. So this is my story and hope it may help anyone before health issues force you into doing something like me.” We love hearing people’s stories and how vaping has helped them, so I’m asking you to share your story. I’m sure you all remember how scary making the decision to vape was, every story we get helps prospective vapers thinking about making the switch!  (If you would like to share anonymously you can email your testimonial through to your local store.)